The Beatles: My Top 20 Tracks

This list was hard to make. After all, to love their music is to need their music everywhere. There's a Beatles track for most moments of my life; Here are 20 tracks that represent most of those moments.

20. Till There Was You from With The Beatles (1963)

19. I'm So Tired from The White Album (1968)

18. Carry That Weight from Abbey Road (1969)

17. I'm Only Sleeping from Revolver (1966)

16. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away from Help! (1965)

15. I Want You (She's So Heavy) from Abbey Road (1969)

14. Love You To from Revolver (1966)

13. Sexy Sadie from The White Album (1968)

12. We Can Work It Out, single from Rubber Soul sessions (1965)

11. Rocky Raccoon from The White Album (1968)

10. Here, There and Everywhere from Revolver (1966)

09. Dear Prudence from The White Album (1968)

08. A Day In the Life from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

07. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) from Rubber Soul (1965)

06. You Never Give Me Your Money from Abbey Road (1969)

05. Don't Let Me Down, single from Let It Be sessions (1969)

04. With a Little Help From My Friends from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

03. It's All Too Much from Yellow Submarine (1969)

02. Long, Long, Long from The White Album (1968)

01. Tomorrow Never Knows from Revolver (1966)