Three New Short Films

2017 has been a productive year so far. I'm writing and directing one short film a month for the next six months, and I'm pleased to announce that the first film of the year, "The Bobby Fischer Trap" is finished and now playing at the Art House Cinema & Pub for a whole week!

I am now in pre-production on my next film, "The Passing of Time" which we're shooting on Feb 26. "The Passing of Time" will premiere mid-March 2017 and it's about two old friends randomly crossing paths in a cafe and catching up for lost time. One friend, though, is holding onto a secret. Here is the teaser poster:

the passing of time teaser poster

I would also like to announce the third film, "The Day Breaks." We're shooting mid-March, and it will premiere mid-April! "The Day Breaks" is about a young movie star on a press tour taking a moment to decompress in a small town. Hint, that small town is none other than Billings, MT! Here is the teaser poster:

the day breaks teaser poster

More details coming soon!