• Rates do not include travel, lodging, craft services, permits, casting expenses, actor payroll, location insurance, props, or specialty equipment rentals.
  • FBM uses the national mileage rate: 53.5 cents per mile. Travel reimbursement required for work outside of Yellowstone County.
  • If air travel is required, add a flat-rate of $150 for gear shipment, packaging, and handling. Airfare is not included in the above rates.
  • Unless noted, all web and social images include a lifetime license to the client. 
  • Unless noted, all non-broadcast videos delivered include a lifetime license to the client.
  • Unless noted, FBM retains copyright of all materials, images, visuals, video, marketing designs,  graphic designs, typography, copy, and sound recordings. 
  • If client wishes to obtain copyright of created elements, then a flat-rate of $6000 per contract is billed to said client to transfer copyight from FBM.
  • Client may use the FBM logo to attribute credit of services and for promotional purposes only. Client and FBM are not affiliated outside of services rendered.
  • FBM, Brian Murnion, any hired crew members, or our partners are to be held harmless from any and all claims, damages, and liabilities.
  • FBM provides creative, production, and marketing services As Is and without warranty.
  • Contracts are binding on the day they are signed.
  • All sales are final. No refunds allowed.
  • Client may not transfer their signed contract to a third party.
  • Client agrees to pay 100% of signed contract within 30 days.
  • Rates are valid Jan 1, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018.